Welcome to Bluntly Co., a hand-picked cannabis accessory boutique. Every item on our website has been carefully chosen based on our experiences with these products.



It was a warm, starry night up on a lake with the snow-capped mountains in the back while the campfire was crackling. We were 2 best buds camping at a remote lake in British Columbia, Canada having the best time of our lives, having one of those talks about our future/dreams.  Our mutual love for cannabis has always bonded us, we decided to roll a joint to celebrate that beautiful moment of our friendship… 

Until... our herb got stuck in the grinder and we could not pry it open! The grinder was cheap but it had an attractive design.  We realized most grinders are either visually pleasing but non-functional, or great crushers but unappealing. It was that moment that the idea of Bluntly formed.  We are both ambitious, driven individuals with a problem-solving mindset, why not start a company that offers premium quality, attractive designed accessories with the most competitive prices?  

From that moment on, we became obsessed with the thought of finding and designing the best smoking accessories. We started searching and testing different models of grinders, smell proof cases and stash jars while learning to design our own. A year later… we are finally ready to launch Bluntly Co.!


M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T

Here at Bluntly, we are committed to provide smoking accessories that are of premium quality, last long, affordable and uniquely designed. We are cannabis enthusiasts who truly understand what every smoker would want and need. You will find that our products are all designed to fit the needs that suit your lifestyle. Whether it is a powerful herb crusher or odorless travel cases - Bluntly offers simply the best there is!