Why should I choose Bluntly Co. Premium Products?

Bluntly Co.’s premium products are carefully selected by us after researching and testing many models of smoking accessories.

What makes Bluntly Co.’s Premium Grinders the best?

All of Bluntly Co.’s premium grinders are made of strong metals such as aircraft-grade aluminum and heavy zinc alloys. These extremely sharp and power teeth can grind more herbs in the shortest amount of time so you can spend more time smoking, less time grinding! We also pride ourselves on putting the best designs we can find or create on the grinders. If you are an artist who would like to be featured on our grinders, message us @ info@bluntly.ca

How do Bluntly Co.’s Premium Grinders maximize the use of your herb?

Our premium herb grinders cut through buds effortlessly while sifting through the grounded bud with a 2-tier shifting filter system. During grinding, fluffy herbs are sifted through the holes of the grinding chamber and onto the mesh screen located in the second chamber. The mesh screen adopted a new deep-bowl design for extra herb storage. The pollen then sifts through the mesh screen and gathers in the pollen chamber so nothing is wasted. Our herb crushers are made to provide the easiest grind and maximize the amount of usable herb.

How do I maintain my Bluntly Co. grinder?

See instruction here.

How do I buy my Bluntly Co. Grinder?

Please visit our online store at Amazon and enjoy prime-shipping!