Bluntly Co. Premium Grinders 

Spend Less Time Grinding, More Time Living!


A good premium-quality grinder is a must-have no matter if you are a brand new weed smoker or a veteran pothead.  One of the best things about a great grinder is that it enhances the quality of marijuana. How? Grinders enhance the flavour and aroma of your weed by unlocking the properties that are impossible to be released with your fingers or scissors alone.  


Powerful & All-Purpose 

Grinded buds are also more potent when crushed by grinders.  Grinders make different kinds of grinds that can be used for different purposes depending on your own creativity.  



Most importantly, a great herb grinder can cut your time in grinding by at least 80% compared to using manual methods.  All of Bluntly Co’s Premium Grinders are made with heavy metals such as aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to ensure effortless fluffy grind using minimal time. Our everyday lives are so busy, every moment stolen is one moment saved for doing something you love.  


Sleek Designed Accessories

Grinders are a great way to accessorize your cannabis.  Bluntly Co. Premium Grinders are made with the idea that looks are as important as quality.  All of our grinders come with cool, sleek designs chosen or made by us.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our selection of herb grinders and start the magical journey to your personal enlightenment!

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