Bluntly Co. Travel Collection

Our Cannabis Travel Solution - Responsible Cannabis Lifestyle


We had one idea in mind when we started Bluntly Co. - to provide the most innovative yet stylish products that promotes a responsible cannabis lifestyle.  We are working professionals who like to travel with cannabis and tobacco products but we had no option to store our cannabis and accessories. As legalization is starting to spread world-wide, there has never been a higher need for smell-proof storage solutions for your favourite herbs! 


Instead of hiding cannabis or other odor-causing agents in an old CD case inside your closet, Bluntly Co. offers a safe, secure and innovative way for professionals and outdoor-fanatics to store their herbs in the most sleek yet practical way. Our cannabis storage containers are all designed with life in mind. It’s simple yet innovative, featuring herb-focused design trends and a cool, customizable interior.


All of our travel cases use high-end patented activated carbon technology and silver antibacterial linings. This lining neutralizes odours and traps harmful chemicals and gases in the pores of the material to provide a neutral smell zone.  Some of our cases also include smoking and cleaning accessories so you can have a peace of mind knowing you have everything you need.


Vapes. Joints. Bongs. Pipes. Whichever way you like to smoke your cannabis, Bluntly Co. offers exactly the storage solution that fits your personal lifestyle. It’s safe. It’s responsible. It’s cannabis travel storage done perfect.

"Kuro" Midnight Black ALL-IN ONE Discreet Travel Set


Bluntly Co. "Finesse" All-Purpose Professional Travel Bag